If you want to look up some awsome things, look up,

1 Twilight Sparkle

2 Rarity

3 Rainbow Dash

4 Fluttershy

5 Applejack

6 Pinkie Pie

7 Main Characters

8 Shining Armor

9 Cutie Mark Crusaders

10 Wonderbolts

11Sweetie Bellle

12Princess Celestia

13Princess Luna

14 Princess Cadence

15 Scootaloo

16 Applebloom

17 Language

18 Why Ny?

19 Nightmare Moon

20 Golden Harvest

21 Comet Tail

22 Babs Seed

23 Angel Bunny

24 Maud Pie

There are some episodes and videos that are not listed here.

Princess luna

Princess Luna

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